Temporary housing shouldn’t mean another mundane hotel room and kitchenette for your guests and clients. Find out why our luxurious Executive Suite is a better business decision for everyone.
Corporate Housing Costs Vs. Hotel Costs
Hotel Corporate Housing Corporate Housing
Rental Rates: 1 Bedroom 30 days X $89 = $2,670 $1,700 -
Rental Rates: 2 Bedroom 30 days X $89 = $2,670 - $2,400
Average Square Footage 325 Sq. Ft. 800+ Sq. Ft. 1000+ Sq. Ft.
Parking Outside Garage Parking Garage Parking
Bathroom(s) 1 1 2
Additional Expenses (15% Hotel Tax) $400.50 None None
Internet Buisness Center or Additional $ Included Included
Laundry $2.00 Per Load (If Available) En Suite En Suite
Food Dine Out Only Full Kitchen (Save $ and Eat Healthy) <-- Same
Furnishings Standard Hotel Designer Quality Designer Quality
Billing Multiple Bills One per Month One per Month
Totals $3520.05 $1,700 $2,400